Sometimes Cheap Bubblers Are The Way To Go

Whether it’s because you’re young and still live with your parents, or just live in an apartment where smoking is off limits, especially if it’s cannabis, not everyone has the liberty to own and enjoy a glass bong. If that’s the case for you for whatever reason, cheap bubblers might be the key. What exactly is the difference between a bong and a bubbler anyhow?


To be honest, it’s pretty much just a matter of size. There’s no definite line between what might be considered a bubbler compared to a bong. Generally, if it’s about pipe-sized and easy to hold with one hand, but can contain water to filter smoke, it would be considered a waterpipe or bubbler.

Why Not Just A Pipe?

If you’re thinking of getting a bong, or you’re disappointed that you can’t really get one, it’s pretty likely that you’ve hit a pipe a time or two. A regular old spoon pipe is definitely handy, quick and easy to use, but everyone knows how harsh a pipe can be. It’s small size doesn’t lend itself to very much cooling action so of course it irritates the throat. A lot of people would be surprised at what a dramatic difference just a bit of water can make for a session. Water’s only job in a bong is to cool down the smoke and that’s what makes a nice, big bong so much smoother and easier to smoke than a pipe. Even little cheap bubblers with some ice-cold water can accomplish this very well.

Easy To Hide

Whatever the reason for your inability to get a bong, it probably has something to do with the difficulty of hiding such a clunky and smelly object. Bubblers allow you to enjoy the benefits of water filtration but are small enough that they’re easy to store and hide. Just pop them into a mason jar or well sealed bag, wrap them in saran wrap, whatever, and throw it underneath all your socks in your dresser or something. Clean it regularly if you don’t want the smell to be an issue too.

How to Best Design the Proper Label for Your Food Product to Fly Off the Shelves



Did you know that there are about 10,000 food and beverage products launched in the UK every single year? This number can be quite amazing, considering the number of products which we are already faced with whenever we visit the shops. So, if you are planning to launch a new product – particularly a food or beverage product – then you should design it so that it ‘screams’ for attention (but in a good way). Here’s how to best design the proper label for your food or beverage product to fly off the shelves.

Consistency and clarity

When you are trying to come up with a label for your product, you need to think about consistency and clarity. The label should clearly showcase what your product is and what it can do for the consumer. After all, you’ve put a lot of time and effort (not to mention expense) into creating a product which you think suits the taste of your target market. A design which lets consumers know exactly what went into the product can work wonders.

The message

You know very well that you can’t personally approach all your customers to tell them about your product – so this is where your label will essentially ‘do the talking’ for your brand. When creating your label design, think about the type of product you have, who it’s for, and how they will use it. Also, think about how your product tastes and how it’s produced or made. What are your product’s ingredients? Are there ingredients which you want to showcase, such as healthy or unique ingredients? If you have the right label, it will impart a clear message about the product and why it’s worth buying. Think about the product’s core value – and optimise it.

The style

Your label’s appeal will be made up of several key factors, which include colours, images, illustrations, and fonts. Make sure to carefully consider all these factors. At the end of the day, your target consumer should be able to understand what your product is all about – and recognise that it has been made expressly for them. This may take some time and effort, but the results should make it more than worth it.

The right copy

Remember that good product copy is essential as well, especially since the space for product copy is often limited on the label itself. It pays to be efficient; think of copy that is compelling, attractive, and creative. If you want, you can hire a professional to come up with the right copy just to be sure that the wording is perfect.

Once you have the right design, you’ll know it. You can then bring it to life with the right labelling machine – the quality of the label makes a world of difference as well.

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How to Equip an Industrial Kitchen

The characteristics of an industrial kitchen are very different from those of a domestic one. As is the equipment installed and used.

When we talk about an industrial kitchen, we often think of restaurants with several stars or large facilities where food is prepared for hundreds of people. Actually, it is a good summary, although there are other types of kitchens that can enter into this definition.

In any case, if we compare them with a domestic kitchen we will see great differences. Not only in the use that is given but also in the equipment that these facilities need.

And hence the need for professional input when it comes to designing and installing major catering installations. There is also the need for regular inspections of gas installations by a registered commercial gas engineer in North London in order to comply with regulations which govern commercial kitchens. The involvement of experienced professionals will help ensure the cost-effective, safe, and optimal operation of the facility.

What does an industrial kitchen need?

Before deciding what will be needed or not, it is important to know that each kitchen has specific needs depending on the activity and space. Although we define it almost in the same way, a restaurant that cooks a la carte is not the same as a hospital kitchen. And the size of the facilities determines both the equipment and the type of machinery that we can install.

In addition, it is important to remember that it is not the same to clean a kitchen in which food is made for a family as it is to clean a kitchen where hundreds of meals are cooked. Also, industrial kitchens have to meet certain conditions. Hygiene and disinfection among them.

Business Financial Manager Jobs In Singapore, Job Vacancies


Business+Financial+ManagerEvery day, managers make choices that affect their firm’s financial efficiency, whether or not it is scheduling operations, hiring and firing personnel, preparing a funds, approving a capital investment, or sending an bill for payment. Present financial reports and interpret monetary information to managerial staff while recommending additional courses of motion. The financial supervisor’s obligations and aims embrace monitoring the corporate’s profitability, liquidity, and solvency while making certain timely and correct financial reporting and making sure that the corporate has established and maintains an efficient set of internal accounting controls.

With poor cash move, you possibly can end up with larger outgoings than incomings, resulting in monetary problems, whereas with better incomings you will have to know the place to reinvest successfully. The trail to changing into a monetary supervisor starts with a bachelor’s diploma in a business discipline corresponding to accounting, economics, enterprise administration or finance.Business+Financial+Manager

While many financial management duties are oriented toward minimizing or avoiding expenses, the treasury perform is a chance for the financial supervisor to earn revenue for the corporate. If the corporate proprietor agrees, the monetary manager could conclude that each one parties involved agree with the arrangement, and there is no battle of interest. Many financial managers have a minimum of five years of expertise in these sorts of associated fields.

Lastly, IT accounting provides a corporation with a normal language that inner and exterior prospects enterprise companions, and IT can use to guage the price and benefits of IT services. It may very well be a boost to their bonuses or a rise in benefits or salaries by means of solid financial administration that has cut prices and improved income.

However, the monetary supervisor can also be well-advised to exercise poise, tact, and humility at any time when a hard line should be drawn on an ethical subject like this one. Topics include the tax setting, fundamentals of earnings tax planning, the measurement of taxable revenue, the taxation of business earnings, particular person earnings taxation, and the tax compliance process.

Serving as a administration group member means helping the opposite managers achieve their goals, while at the same time satisfying the financial supervisor’s direct responsibilities. However, many employers now seek candidates with a grasp’s diploma, ideally in business administration, finance, accounting, or economics. As a result of many financial managers are additionally charged with overseeing others, organizations often require administration training as well.

Business, Management, And Administrative Research

Business+ManagementWe’re continuously shifting forward in our analysis output, commercialisation and collaboration. Additionally, you will critically overview employment relations in an organisation and make ideas to drive enhancements to human resource management. You might go on to work in a various vary of industries and jobs, from the civil service to massive multinationals, working in anything from management and HR to advertising and advertising.

Awareness of the issues surrounding globalisation allows you to make knowledgeable choices in a business context. It entails a reside new enterprise improvement state of affairs, via which you apply your understanding of enterprise rules to a pc simulation. Additionally, you will give attention to the impact of globalisation on international administration practices.Business+Management

Selecting Master’s degree programme in Business Administration research at VGTU was the perfect decision I made for myself and my career, the MBM program helped me to increase knowledge, confidence and overcoming my fears that all the time held me again. Your research will develop your understanding about how enterprise operations will be most effectively managed.

A growing feature of the course is the use of ‘On-line International Studying’ (OIL) tasks. If you’re finding out on a world enterprise programme you’ll spend your third 12 months abroad at one among our accomplice universities. In yr three you’ll take two compulsory double modules with the remaining eighty credits made up of at the very least one, and no more than two modules from three different groups masking the range of enterprise management disciplines.