3 Mistakes That Can Kill Your eCommerce Sales

As an ecommerce seller, is your online presence as good as it could be? Just making a few small improvements to your website could plug the hole in your leaky sales, making what you pay on NYC mail forwarding services more worthwhile.

1. Weak or No Value Proposition

A perfect value proposition clearly says why your customer ought to buy from you instead of a competitor. This is very important for online sellers, because someone who lands on your site could just as easily get what they’re looking for on eBay or Amazon. A value proposition is the main thing that will either push your audience to learn more, or drive them to hit the back button. Split test value propositions until you hit on one that works.

2. Missing the Mark With Product Descriptions

Every seller knows that product descriptions are of supreme importance. However, ecommerce sellers seem to randomly include or exclude them according to their whims.

If nothing else, remember that in product descriptions, address what the customer cares about. Would your customer be more interested in the appearance of a laptop computer or the specs? Is the wood finishing of a coffee table more important than its weight? Only describe what the customer would be interested in, and keep fluff to a minimum.

3. Not Properly Using Images

If you happen to sell items that are mostly dependent on looks, you should know by now that the visuals that you use are incredibly important. One study from Visual Website Optimizer showed that a mere increase in the size of product images increased conversion rates by a significant amount.

Image quality is also a consideration. One of the best ways to sell a product is to get the prospect close to it. Since there’s no possible way to do that via website, do the next best thing and give them a visual. There is also the matter of image quality. As this study mentions, one of the best ways to sell a physical good is to get it in somebody’s hands. Since you can’t do that online, the best alternative is to get them to imagine it in their hands.

The way your products are presented to your customer online will have a huge impact on your sales. Images, value proposition, and excellent product descriptions are a great way to increase your website’s conversion rates.

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