Benefits of Buying Commercial Office Property

Finding office space for your business is a tremendous task. Start by making a list of features that are must-haves to help you narrow down the number of places to look at. Once you have an idea of the size, location and layout you’re looking for you have to decide if you want to rent an office or buy a property. Here are the benefits of purchasing your commercial office site.

Commercial Office Property

Less Restrictions

When you own a property you don’t have to worry about asking permission to upgrade, remodel or paint different areas. You can fill your area with used office file cabinets and other furniture that you choose. The only restrictions come down to building codes and permits for exterior elements you want to add, like signage or a paint color.

Build Equity

Most property values increase over time, which means you can have funds available for upgrades to the business or for future retirement. Having equity also allows you to have flexibility when loans are necessary.

Additional Income

Having a larger space can give you the option to rent out other areas of the building. This can provide an extra stream of income for your business. If this idea appeals to you, buy a property that’s larger than you need right from the start.

Fixed Costs

Having a set mortgage amount means you always know what that monthly bill is going to be. The budget is easier to manage when you have clear-cut costs.

Tax Deductions

Owning a property can increase the tax deductions your business can claim. Things like mortgage interest and property taxes can be added as expenses when you file your taxes. Always consult a tax professional when figuring out the complexities of filling out your business’s tax forms.

Owning a business property is a huge step. If you want the equity and flexibility that comes with being a property owner this may be the right choice for you.

Surprising Benefits of Having a Dog

Have you ever considered inviting a dog into your family? Has your spouse or one of your children asked for one? You may focus on the work required to take care of your pets, and you may even search “puppy training programs Denver CO,” knowing you will have to provide training. However, dogs provide us with companionship, entertainment and love, as well as other unexpected benefits.

Benefits of Having a Dog

Mental Health

Your dog can change your outlook and make you happier. Not only are they entertaining, causing you to laugh often, but they also cause the release of oxytocin, or the love hormone, when you think about and spend time with them. Pet owners are much less likely to be diagnosed with depression than non-pet owners. Few things are better at lifting your spirits than seeing a smiling dog running toward you or cuddled up next to you.


Because you have to go out and walk your dog, often in designated dog areas, such as dog parks, they improve your social life. For example, while your dog is running and playing, you may start chatting with other dog owners. In addition, a study from the United Kingdom suggests that people with dogs are seen as more attractive, drawing more people to them.


Playing with or petting a dog reduces your stress levels, your blood pressure and heart rate; slows your breathing and relaxes your tense muscles. Therefore, pet owners tend to live much longer than non-pet owners. Dogs also have to be walked and played with, so they increase your physical activity level. You may even lose a little weight.

In addition, dogs can smell disease, such as prostate cancer, too much sugar in the blood and even foods you may have allergies to. This type of training is specialized, but your dog can be trained to save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Puppies are nearly irresistible, making you want to take care of them. However, they can take care of you as well.

3 Things to Do After Moving to a New City

Moving, in general, is stressful, but moving to a new city can be quite overwhelming. There’s a whole big list of things that need to get done before and after you’ve arrived at your new home. You’ll first want to unpack and get settled, but once that’s done, here are a few other things you should do. 

Moving to a New City

Update Important Documents

It’s a good idea to keep a running list of places that need your address. The first place you should update your address with is the post office. This can easily be done online. After that, you’ll need to update your information with your bank and credit card companies as well as your employer if you’re still at the same company. You’ll need to get a new driver’s license and change your address with your insurance companies in Fort Myers FL

Meet Your Neighbors

A new city means making new friends, and what better place to start than your neighborhood? Don’t be afraid to take a walk around your neighborhood and talk to the people that are outside as well. You should also go introduce yourself to the houses next door and let them know you just moved in. 

Explore the City

Once you’ve settled in some, you should start exploring your new city. Find out where the best places to eat and shop are. Check out different parks and other outdoor recreation areas. You’ll also need to find a new doctor and hairstylist, and you’ll want to find a new gym if you like to workout. 

It’s normal for it to take time to feel comfortable in a new place, so cut yourself some slack. Once you’ve met new people, explored the city and given it some time, it’ll become your home and feel like you’ve always lived there. 

3 Ways To Promote a Positive Work Environment

It’s a reality that many people spend most of their waking hours at work. Hopefully, that time away from family, hobbies and other interests is spent in a constructive environment. If you’re a business owner, manager or employee, here are three ways you can promote a positive workplace.

Positive Work Environment

1. Clean

Cleanliness may not seem like a top priority for developing an awesome work environment; however, a clean workplace makes all employees healthier, safer and more productive. First, regular cleaning prevents the spread of germs and sickness. Most offices have high-touch surfaces that need to be frequently disinfected. Second, a clean environment promotes safety. Clutter, messes and spills increase the risk of injuries and accidents. Third, employees often report that stress and anxiety are reduced when working in a clean, organized environment. Fortunately, you don’t have to clean on your own: professional deep cleaning services West Hartford CT are available.

2. Communicate

Good communication is just as important as a clean workplace. All employees benefit from being heard, valued, respected and encouraged. Whether you’re a manager or employee, communication is everyone’s responsibility. Some successful companies find that having a short, weekly huddle at the beginning of the week raises morale and sets the tone for the week.

3. Appreciate

Appreciating your employees goes right along with communication. Employees need to know that they are an important part of the team. Gratitude can be shown in many ways including perks, gifts and vocal recognition of achievement. Another form of appreciation is respect. Show respect to all employees by acknowledging that their time is valuable. No employee should leave a mess for another employee to fix or clean up.

These suggestions are a great starting point for creating a positive workplace. Above all, insist on an environment where all employees feel respected, valued and appreciated.

Tips for Starting a Captive

Captives, which are alternative insurance companies owned by those they insure, often provide supplemental insurance for risks that are difficult or costly to insure. Like up to 90% of Fortune 500 companies, you may choose to start a captive insurance company to mitigate your risk.

captive insurance


Captives are heavily regulated insurance companies. To start a captive, you must have a risk that you want to shift or share. The captive distributes this risk through the purchase and provision of insurance.

Captive Structures

Your company will choose between many different types of captives. For example, if your company and its affiliates are the only entities insured by the captive, you may set up a single-parent, pure captive. However, groups of entities can join together and open captives to share similar or diverse risks. Your company may even rent a captive if it doesn’t want to incur the initial outlay costs of starting a captive itself.


A feasibility study will identify the scope and purpose of the captive. This study provides the regulator with why the captive is formed and its financial projections, similar to a business plan. Capital requirements and loss assumptions are also included.

Domicile and Management

Select a domicile location that is not heavily regulated and provides support and access. Your location should be politically stable, and the captive costs should be low.

Prior to filling out your application, you should choose an appropriate manager. Your manager should understand your industry, business and location requirements. Any firm you choose to manage your captive should be able to dedicate the time and expertise it needs to provide timely, accurate claims, actuarial and underwriting services.

Managers should be knowledgeable about your domicile selection and have a strong reputation in the industry. Finally, learn about the manager’s fees. You may consider hiring managers temporarily or for a specific case or study to test their abilities.

Creating and monitoring a captive can be challenging and time consuming. Prepare yourself by gaining knowledge about the industry and process and conduct extensive research on your needs, the captive’s feasibility and the management.