Valuable Traits for an Entrepreneur to Possess

Not everyone has what it takes to be their own boss. Although many members of the workforce have lamented having to work for other people, few of these individuals possess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as entrepreneurs. In any economy, going into business for oneself represents a gamble – one that may not always pay off. For this reason, it’s important for entrepreneurs to be knowledgeable about their respective fields and possess a wide variety of skills. Anyone hoping to succeed as an entrepreneur is sure to benefit from the following traits.

Willingness to Learn New Things

Regardless of which industry one’s business serves, every entrepreneur should be open to learning new things. No matter how prolific your knowledge of a certain area is, you can always stand to learn more. All entrepreneurs should have a strong educational background that includes a highly-rated MBA program. Furthermore, an entrepreneur should exhibit a willingness to return to school and continue their education whenever their business stands to benefit from them doing so.

Ability to Manage a Team

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be your enterprise’s default team leader. As such, it’s vital that you be adept at managing others and walking the fine line between friend and boss. It’s no surprise that business owners who possess no managerial experience generally aren’t very effective leaders. If you’ve never managed a team, it’s in your best interest to attend management courses and solicit advice from professional colleagues.

Penchant for Hard Work

Anyone who wishes to find success as an entrepreneur should be ready to roll up their sleeves and burn the midnight oil. Although many people are intrigued by the idea of being their own boss, most of them are unable or unwilling to put in the time and effort to make this dream a reality. If you want your enterprise to succeed, consistent hard work on your end is an absolute necessity. As your business’s helmsperson, you’ll have to be the hardest working person on staff and set a sterling example for your employees.

Success in business is never guaranteed. As such, there’s little wonder as to why so few people become entrepreneurs. When it comes to one’s career, security is generally valued above all else – and going into business for oneself seldom comes with a sense of security. However, those who are able to persevere often find that their efforts pay off valiantly. Additionally, possessing the qualities discussed above can be a boon to both aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

3 Prevalent Problems Working Women Encounter Daily

The professional world is tough on many people, be they longtime members of the workforce of recent college graduates. Excelling at a fulltime job while trying to maintain a healthy work life / home life can be heavily taxing on one’s physical health and psychological wellbeing. However, the rat race can be particularly tough on women. In addition to dealing with the same stressors as their male contemporaries, working women are forced to cope with a number of other problems. Below are three of the most prevalent problems many working women face on a daily basis.

1. Sexual Harassment

Although measures are constantly being taken to stamp it out, sexual harassment remains a prevalent problem in many workplaces. Unfortunately, unless the harassment is pronounced – i.e., inappropriate touching and explicitly lewd comments – most businesses don’t action against the people who perpetrate it. It’s important to note that sexual harassment isn’t limited to its most extreme examples. Even if no touching is involved or a remark isn’t purely sexual, harassment can occur whenever a woman is made to feel objectified, frightened or uncomfortable. To make matters worse, many women abstain from reporting incidents of harassment to higher-ups for fear of retribution. You can understand more about the trials faced by women in the workplace by visiting Ms. Career Girl.

2. Gender Inequality

While a number of prominent companies have gone out of their way to combat gender inequality in recent years, many businesses have yet to catch up. As a result, positions that entail planning, management and copious travel are disproportionally given to men. Furthermore, women who express the confident, go-getter attitude that companies find attractive in men are often viewed as conniving and catty by their peers.

3. Lack of Maternity Leave

As time wears on, companies offer less and less in the way of maternity leave for female employees. Despite the tremendous emotional and physical strain of childbirth, a staggering number of companies expect women back at work within days of welcoming a child into the world. If a woman needs more time to recuperate and/or bond with her baby, she’ll likely to be forced to take unpaid sick days or threatened with termination.

Getting ahead in the professional world can be an uphill battle. In many workplaces, people don’t feel as if they can get ahead or make their voices heard. While it can’t be denied that everyone faces their fair share of professional ennui, things are exceptionally stressful for working women. On top of the usual problems associated with the working world, female professionals frequently have to contend with