Get the Supplies You Need Before Starting Roadside Construction

If you just got a construction project that has you doing work on the road or on the edge of bordering properties, you need to have the right supplies to keep both your team and local traffic safe. Each project has its own unique needs, but that’s why suppliers of signs, PPE, and other key pieces of equipment work so hard to make sure you have access to traffic control Washington when you are doing work there. Here are some tips for making sure you have everything you need on every day of the project.

1. Order Early, Order Often

Make a list of the traffic control signs and other tools you will need to safely keep vehicles out of your work area as soon as you know when you’ll be starting, and get your order in right away so it’s all there when you need it. You’ll also want to do an inventory of your needs that includes any damaged signage or other shortcomings every day, so you can get new supplies as you identify the need for them.

2. Make a Traffic Control Plan the Whole Team Understands

Making a plan for the traffic you have to contend with during construction sounds easy, but putting it into place will require your whole team. Make sure you bring them on board early, so you can get a feel for any ideas that they don’t understand right away while you still have time to work out the kinks in your plan. Make sure to take feedback and adjust, too. A plan is only as good as your team’s ability to work it.

3. Choose Supplies Based on Local Geography

You might have signage on hand from another roadside project, and some of it might work for the next project, but chances are you’ll still need some new supplies. Every project is unique, as are the traffic patterns and sight lines that determine your risk while working. Make sure you have reordered signs and supplies to take into account the unique features of your current job to round out your traffic control plan to make everyone safer while you work.

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