How MTV Only Keeps Getting Better

Would you believe that MTV just became 40 years old recently? That’s right, the music television channel first went live on August 1st, 1981. It sure has come a long way from its pioneering days of airing music videos and delivering news about the music world. Brian Graden is a part of its newer era of changes, among many other people who have ushered in programming with a social conscience.

professional Brian Graden

MTV Is a Welcoming Place

MTV has aired many cultural series over the years, including The Real World and Punk’d. It also had the first showing of Anatomy of a Hate Crime, an original documentary about Matthew Shepard, without any commercials. Many other documentaries and public service messages were put on MTV to bring about social awareness and show that the people behind the channel are all about tolerance, that everyone should have the chance to be heard. 

Hip and Cool

Professional Brian Graden and others worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that they kept a pulse on what the younger generation wanted to watch and know more about. For instance, with the launch of The Osbournes in 2002, people could learn about rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and have a look at his family and personal life. This was still a new concept but something that many people enjoyed getting to see. It allowed the opportunity to feel as though they truly were getting to know celebrities and their families. 

Trends in Music and Beyond 

There always will be new trends in music and other areas of entertainment. It takes a dedicated person and staff to create television programming that informs, excites, and keeps people coming back every week. That’s just what Brian Graden and the rest of his team at MTV have done over the last several years and what he plans on continuing to do.

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