Qualities of Good Leadership

Leaders shape institutions, organizations, communities, and nations. Good leaders are needed everywhere to guide systems and lead to progress or development. Leadership does not exactly mean management. In fact, as suggested by Teneo, most institutions have people in managerial positions, yet they lack leadership qualities. Here are some qualities that a good leader needs to have.

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It is essential for a leader to be self-aware. That means they understand themselves plus their strengths and weaknesses. This makes a leader more effective. They know which areas they need to improve and which they are good at. Besides, it is easy for a self-aware person to interpret feelings, thoughts, and actions objectively. Fortunately, self-awareness can be learned. If you are holding a leadership position, this is one of the things you should work on.


Being a leader means holding a position of power, and therefore one needs to be ethical and practice integrity. A leader needs to use their position appropriately by being honest with employees. When a leader practices integrity, the whole organization is likely to operate on integrity as well. The Teneo Network advises on being transparent and authentic. Your employees need to know what to expect from you, no matter the circumstances. Besides that, ethical leaders take responsibility when they do something wrong and take measures to rectify the situation. Eventually, this is something that team members will do as well.

Effective Communicator

Good leadership and effective communication go hand in hand. Some of the best leaders in society are great communicators. It is vital to communicate in several ways and ensure that your message is passed on well. Communication is not just about passing info but listening as well. Listen to your employees’ concerns and address them. You should motivate them to speak up, as the success of an institution strongly depends on people being on the same page.  


Being a good leader means adapting to changes when the situation requires it. Even with proper planning, sometimes things can go wrong. Great leaders need to adapt when they run into obstacles or roadblocks. Be ready to stop and assess the situation, then determine what the right action to take is. A great leader addresses challenges with a flexible attitude. This also helps inspire other people to adapt to such a mindset.

Most people believe that one is born a leader. However, while some traits like charisma are inborn, most leadership qualities can be taught, producing great leaders in society.

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