Social media marketing for e-commerce

Social media marketing was only a few years ago just an innovative tool, today is a necessity. That phrase that says: “if your business is not in social media, does not exist”, is a reality in this globalized world. However, many people fail in the attempt to sell their products or services in an efficient way, either because they don’t have enough knowledge of social media marketing or they just manage them in the wrong way, that´s why you have here some tips to have an excellent engagement using your content so as to see the results in your bills.

1. Recognize who your customers are

At first, you must know who your clients and potential clients are. To do this, you must do something called market analysis. It’s not too complicated, just know, if according to your product or service, you have a general or a specific audience, you must know it in several axes, the main ones are: sex, age and social class.

For example, a beauty salon could only have female or unisex clients, it can offer services exclusive for children or for all ages; could offer luxury services or standard services. Here we notice the three axes reflected, of course, if your products or services reach a wide audience, your costumer search and catchment will be better and faster. This is maybe the most important aspect.

2. Open accounts on most common social media to your clients

Not all audiences use the same social media or not with the same frequency. +50 adults tend to use more Facebook and younger people tend to use Instagram, however, you should also take into account your geographic location if you don’t offer worldwide products or services. In some countries, people use a social media more than another, so you should get further information about it.

3. The best way to sell is not to sell

Many people is focusing so much on selling their products or services quickly, even they try it posting 5 or 10 images per day in a way that looks a little desperate and this shouldn’t be the case. The best way to sell is: reflecting security, you must be confident when you are offering something of good quality and not ask so much for attention (or at least not being so obvious); posting phrases like “look for the best” shows much more confidence that “we are growing together” and there’s a simple reason: with the second one you are telling you’re still growing and improving, you’re not where you want to be, so your customers won’t be so sure if you really are the best in the market.

4. Provide useful content to your audience, but related to your product

Not everything is to disclose your month discounts; you must also include useful information to those who follow you to connect with them. If a beer company not only posts pictures of their beers but also provides interesting information such as “did you know that beer is 90% water?” You will surely have a faithful follower of your posts because he/she expects to receive much more from you than the simple product.

5. Send your products or offer free services to people which your clients could consider as influencers

A good strategy to start generating trust is to contact known and important people, some actor, singer or influencer could certainly recommend you and reach a wider audience that will be curious to know about what you are offering.

6. Take care of the details

Aesthetics is very important when it comes to selling: from the color and source of your brand, to the username of your account. The name must be simple, something very simple like “mybrand” is better than “mybeautifulbrand1996”, because it’s difficult to read and search. Nor should you use many hashtags or very long paragraphs because it could tire the reader, it’s better to be concise. As for the products or services pictures, they should be taken with good lighting and resolution, even better if you can do it with a professional camera and tools.

7. You can use paid advertising tools on Instagram, Facebook and so on

Regrettably, a system called algorithm restricts the amount of people your content arrives, but in the same way you can access paid advertising tools that have Instagram and Facebook, in which you can manually select what type of people want you to see your posts.

8. Make some giveaways

An excellent way to gain followers and get a lot of feedback is making giveaways, but I recommend joining with other accounts that are not necessarily your competitors but that have the same type of audience to perform them.

9. Your content must be related to the local context or time of year

Remember that in the market the customer’s interests are first. Nothing better than good sales according to the holiday, so if you can, modify the aesthetics of your brand slightly. Let’s suppose that your brand color is yellow, but you can include some green, red and Christmas items to be at the height of your competition and not be forgotten by the public.

10. Provide feedback to your audience and be constant

Remember that nothing is worth an excellent e-commerce strategy if it doesn’t include providing feedback to your audience. The fact of being a huge and formal company, it doesn’t mean a problem to answers comments or direct messages to users, in fact, you can add points in favor of which I’m completely sure you’ll want to take advantage of.

Finally, being consistent is the key to your strategy to work. If this is not possible, there are community managers, they are social media professionals that can do this work for you, but if you decide to invest in those services or doing by yourself, the final result will depend of your interest in growing and improving, just in that case you will see how your numbers will increase, in a positive way of course.

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