Surprising Benefits of Having a Dog

Have you ever considered inviting a dog into your family? Has your spouse or one of your children asked for one? You may focus on the work required to take care of your pets, and you may even search “puppy training programs Denver CO,” knowing you will have to provide training. However, dogs provide us with companionship, entertainment and love, as well as other unexpected benefits.

Benefits of Having a Dog

Mental Health

Your dog can change your outlook and make you happier. Not only are they entertaining, causing you to laugh often, but they also cause the release of oxytocin, or the love hormone, when you think about and spend time with them. Pet owners are much less likely to be diagnosed with depression than non-pet owners. Few things are better at lifting your spirits than seeing a smiling dog running toward you or cuddled up next to you.


Because you have to go out and walk your dog, often in designated dog areas, such as dog parks, they improve your social life. For example, while your dog is running and playing, you may start chatting with other dog owners. In addition, a study from the United Kingdom suggests that people with dogs are seen as more attractive, drawing more people to them.


Playing with or petting a dog reduces your stress levels, your blood pressure and heart rate; slows your breathing and relaxes your tense muscles. Therefore, pet owners tend to live much longer than non-pet owners. Dogs also have to be walked and played with, so they increase your physical activity level. You may even lose a little weight.

In addition, dogs can smell disease, such as prostate cancer, too much sugar in the blood and even foods you may have allergies to. This type of training is specialized, but your dog can be trained to save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Puppies are nearly irresistible, making you want to take care of them. However, they can take care of you as well.

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