Team Building Strategies

If you hold a management or supervisory position in the workplace, you are more than likely responsible for the production output of a group of employees. Knowledge of how to motivate people to perform, exhibiting excellent communication skills and keeping the peace among many different personalities are just a few of the qualities necessary to succeed. Here are some ideas on how to put these skills to work and extract the most from your lineup of talent.

Host Quarterly Parties

Informal get-togethers go a long way towards forming a bond between teammates. Hosting the event off-site can be cost-effective if held at a local pub or restaurant. Provisions such as gift baskets under $50, drink vouchers and appetizers break the ice and get people interacting with one another. You may want to use the time away from the office to recognize those workers who have gone the extra mile to get the job done. Tokens of appreciation are great motivators.

Problem Solving Exercises

Break up the monotony of the day by introducing activities that encourage forward thinking and working together to achieve goals. This is as simple as going around the room and discussing ideas for how to make operations more comfortable or efficient. Take it a step further and ask your group for suggestions on how you can become a better leader. For a fun diversion, ask your staff to describe what another is wearing. Even though they may have been sitting next to someone for hours and conversing, they really might not have been paying attention. This quick exercise in mindfulness encourages them to be more observant and conscious of their surroundings.

Training Conferences

Sign your team members up for training aimed at honing their leadership skills. The benefits of learning decision-making skills along with being exposed to other leaders’ styles go a long way in developing workers into your company’s future managers. Investing in the talent you have now may pay huge dividends in the years to come.

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