Useful Resources Nonprofits Can Benefit From

Running a nonprofit is an extremely involved process. No matter what your organization does, you’re likely working with a very tight budget and specific regulations in regards to taxes, insurance, and much more. To stay sane, it can be useful to know what resources and tools are available. Here are a few suggestions that may be able to help make your workload a little bit easier.

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Accounting Help

Finance can be the trickiest area of running a nonprofit. Not only do you need the know-how, but you also need MIP fund accounting software. Not only does this help you with everyday tasks like budgeting appropriately and looking over reports on spending, but it can also help you get more from grants you’re applying for, manage your HR information, and much more. Using the right software is key to dedicating less time in front of budget spreadsheets and more time focused on the goals of your nonprofit. 

Selling Your Story

The story of your nonprofit is a huge part of its identity. People like to know the reasons why organizations were founded, You might know in your mind and heart why you decided to start your business, but that doesn’t mean you know how to share it. The right writing resources can help you turn your story into a driving factor behind your success. Learn how to share your experiences with the world by exploring some free resources.

Stay Informed

There are many, many nonprofits in the world today. A great way to find answers is by connecting with other owners. You can also explore news outlets dedicated to the nonprofit sector like Nonprofit Quarterly. The more you engage and stay informed, the easier it will be to conquer challenges that arise with your nonprofit.

Plenty of fantastic resources exist online for nonprofit owners to take advantage of. Explore what’s out there and make your life easier.

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