What To Look For When Hiring An Expert Witness

To have a chance of winning certain cases, attorneys will need to rely on the testimony from an expert witness. Finding the perfect expert witness to hire may seem easier than it really is. The quality of expert witnesses can range from bad to amazing. When an attorney is searching for a witness for their client’s case, they will generally look for some of the qualities found below. A good financial expert witness, such as the one found at mrichardsconsulting.com, will fit each of these qualities perfectly.

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When it comes to the ability of an expert witness to convince a jury of their testimony, it has to come from confidence. Confident experts will be able to relay messages to the judge and jury that they fully believe in their opinions and can convince them of the same.


A great quality an expert witness should have is rigor. They need to be able to come up with an opinion based on their experience or scientific findings. When an attorney hires an expert witness for a case, they need to ask what type of research they will be using to back up their opinions and testimonial.


The opinions given by an expert witness are usually done in three different stages. They will first have to prepare their report and include the methodology of their findings. Second, they will attend the deposition to testify based on their findings. During this time, they will also be cross-examined by the opposing counsel. Lastly, the witness will have to testify in court for the judge and jury. During each stage, it is imperative their opinions and testimony stay consistent. Inconsistencies in their testimonials will weaken them.

During litigation, all details big and small will matter. Expert witnesses need to be able to create a testimonial that the judge, jury and opposing counsel will believe. They need to be able to successfully back up their findings with solid research and experience in order to have a good impact on the case for the client.

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